Advanced Nutritional Technology(AN) specializes in the manufacture and distribution of all-natural nutritional supplements and skin care products.
These products are available to the medical community, large and small-size vendors, and consumers in the United States and beyond. With a network linking four continents, AN is an international company with a growing presence in many markets. AN's industry position is maintained by a solid commitment to quality, product innovation, research and development and superior customer service.

AN emerged in 1985 as a subsidiary of Banner Pharmacaps by Pharmacaps' former chairman, Mr. Lionel Borken. Mr. Borken, a leading pharmaceutical and nutritional expert, has brought over 40 years of experience to AN. The company was created with the goal of providing quality non-prescription drugs and all-natural nutritional supplements to the U.S. market.

AN has built its reputation for service, quality and innovation over the years. The company's commitment to these values is evidenced in its solid, long-standing relationships with thousands of satisfied individual consumers, corporations, and medical institutions. The seamless integration of products, services and delivery systems for which the company is known time and time again brings new and familiar customers the name AN.

AN has recently acquired state-of-the-art automated facilities to keep pace with its growing business. Plans for the construction of a new office building and storage facility are also undergoing evaluation. Consistent with its goal of pioneering innovative nutritional products, AN had introduced Ultra Zn (Prostate Formula) and Diabless (Diabetic Formula), and a skin care line to its extensive catalogue.

New and innovative products are developed through careful and extensive research. The goal of AN is to identify the nutritional needs of our customers worldwide and formulate quality solutions through our products. Many of our products do not contain cholesterol, preservatives, or artificial colors. AN believes that our commitment to the use of natural ingredients and sophisticated research is a success equation for good health.